Personal Monthly/Annual Coaching

Offered for Multi-Sport and Single Events such as running and swimming and the biggest event of all….Life!

A personalized 3-6+ month build to your Season Goal Race.  This over time morphes into an annual training program when we sometimes realize racing and being race fit is fun.  Sent out weekly so you know what your week is before it happens and is adaptable enough to deal with the things that life often throws our way! Each program is specific to your own goals, your race prep and how training and racing fits into your life. Living in Vernon you can take advantage of group workouts. Don’t live in Vernon? Mel loves to include what your community offers and incorporates group training into the program.


MultiSport – Looking to race a Triathlon, build towards an Ironman over a season or two, participate in your first Sprint Triathlon or any multi-sport event that lies between, this is the program for you. Mel will design a program that fits your life, that balances the three disciplines with added core, strength, stretching and of course Nutrition!   Mel will take into account your current and previous or perhaps “lack of” athletic adventures and create a program based on you and where you live.  Look at a minimum six month commitment if you are just starting with Mel.                                                    Cost: $250/month member$325 non-member + GST

Single Event Training – Looking to take on the challenge of an open water swim, perhaps prepare for a marathon or your first 5k?  Or maybe this is the year you tackle the trails.  Then this program is for you.  Mel will build a progressive program incorporating nutrition, strength, core and stretching in addition to incorporating x-training with the primary focus being a single sport event.  A minimum three month commitment is recommended.                  Cost: $175/month member  $225 non-member + GST

Maintenance Program – Not sure what race you want to do but you want to gather or maintain a good baseline of fitness?  This is what Mel calls a Maintenance program.  Perhaps you are coming off your “A” race and you don’t want to lose fitness but you aren’t sure what your next event will be?  Perhaps you want to build a baseline of fitness to an unknown event in the future but you don’t know when or where.  This program allows you to stay motivated to create or maintain a baseline of fitness so you can jump in when you find your next “ A” event.                                                                                Cost: $200/month member $250 non-member+ GST

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Don’t feel you need the personal attention, but rather a standard training program that outlines on a weekly basis what you should be doing for a successful event

Programs Available for 5k/10k and ½ marathon distances

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