Our relationship with food and nutrition can be complicated,

but it doesn’t have to be!






Your nutrition is important!

Mel received her BSc. In Nutrition at Bastyr University.  Over the years combining book smarts with life smarts Mel’s philosophy is simple….change is hard, but very possible and it is easier when you have some guidance.

Nutrition is our fuel.  Yes, it is part of the balance of input and output but our relationship with food is also crucial in understanding our nutritional needs.  If you are looking to make nutritional changes be aware that change takes time, can be very hard and frustrating but also very worthwhile.  It may not happen the first time, but with persistence and understanding it can happen!

Understanding your relationship with food is key.  Understanding why change has to happen is key.  Understanding that this change takes time is key.  Knowing you don’t have to do it alone is key. Knowing that you will own your change is key.

Mel offers a variety of Nutritional support from daily nutrition to more specific race day nutrition.

Get on it Nutrition Package Includes a 60min initial and two 30-45min follow-ups

Includes diet diary summary, individual recommendations based on individual needs typically spans 4-5weeks.

Individual Consult Your choice 60mins/45min/30mins – a great option for more follow-ups or just want to have a one time look at your diet habits Summary included

Sports Nutrition – Getting ready for an event be sure you have the daily nutrition for you to have the energy to train, energy to recover and energy to to it over and over again

Race Day Nutrition – Geared towards the endurance athlete to ensure you have the energy you need to keep going and let your training shine on race day!

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